Who Runs This Joint?

IMG_0353Sit back, grab a cup of coffee and learn a little about me.  I’m a swimming, cycling, running, singing, mountain climbing, sky diving kind of girl who still enjoys getting her nails done (as long as it’s quick).  I live to travel and I travel to live.  I never feel so alive as when I’m on the road, and the analyst side of me loves the planning of the adventure almost as much as the adventure itself!  So often I have conversations with people who say, “Wow, you’ve been all over!”  It doesn’t feel like it to me, though, because there is always a new place just waiting to be discovered.  Life is a continual journey that my dog refuses to take with me (I love road trips and he is afraid of the car), however I have found my way around him!


Here is a brief history on Holly.  Early in my career I was employed for almost a decade at one of the largest, most well-respected investment firms in the country, where I worked with high net worth clients on investment strategies which enhanced their portfolios, ensured compliance and increased participation.  I traveled regularly to meet with my clients and educate them on various options and promote new investment opportunities.

In March 2002 I left the corporate world in order to complete my Bachelor’s degree.  My interest in foreign languages led me to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in German with a minor in Spanish at Arizona State University.  While attending school full-time I also worked full-time in sales and management at two of Arizona’s finest resorts.  This is where the marketing bug first bit me.  The excitement of designing campaigns and working closely with clients to promote their products, whether it was a new hotel or a skin care line, drew me in immediately.  In these roles, I oversaw all aspects of sales and marketing, sought out prospective clients and conducted presentations for corporations as well as third party agents.

I also completed a graduate program in Europe designed to improve my knowledge of languages as well as cultures, culminating in my return to Arizona during the fall of 2007 with a Master’s degree.  It was upon this return that I once again became involved in the business dealings of marketing and sales.  My decision to create Anywhere, LLC and the resulting companies was brought about by the realization that the interests of expanding enterprises were frequently being overlooked or misrepresented due to a lack of connections in the local markets.  I have handled marketing and business devlopment for all sorts of companies, from internet start-ups to long-established institutions.  My experiences, as well as my extensive travels, are what make me the ideal advocate for companies that wish to expand their reach.

I founded Anywhere, LLC in order to provide greater representation for national and international companies that are looking for expanded opportunities in the United States.  With a broad background in corporate finance, foreign languages and marketing, I bring a mix of global awareness, business sense and people skills to the table that, along with my team, ensure the comprehension and success of every new project.


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