Heirloom Heritage Tours

Walk In Your Ancestors’ Footprints

Colorful traditional french houses on the side of river Lauch  in Petite Venise, Colmar, France

Have you been bitten by the genealogy bug?  Do you want to know more about your family’s heritage and explore their past?

Heirloom Heritage Tours can help you dive into your history.  Maybe you already researched your family and need someone to plan your trip and help you find those remote towns that no longer exist – we can help with that!  Or maybe you want someone to look up everything for you – we can research your family for you!

Each trip is custom built for our clients based on their family history, interests, and budget.  We work all over the world – wherever you came from, we can take you back.  Once we learn about you, we will design an itinerary for you completely tailored to your interests and history.  Our connections around the globe allow us the opportunity to provide one-of-a-kind travel into parts of the world many cannot reach on their own, including locating cities of old which are no longer on maps and obtaining access to local archives that do not normally allow tourists.  And because we build each trip to the client’s individual needs and interests, we are able to fulfill the interests of all of our clients.

Visit www.HeirloomHeritageTours.com to learn more about this opportunity today.


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