About Us

Why We Do It

Is it for the passport stamp?

Admittedly, yes, that is always a thrill!  But really, we’re storytellers.  Marketing is telling a story in a way that people relate, not just on a factual level, but on an emotional, gotta have it, gotta see it to believe it level.  And that’s our goal – to tell such a story, that reading about a certain country, city, hotel, restaurant, product creates a desire that can only be quenched by experiencing it for oneself.

We believe that the best storytellers are such because their stories are based on experience.  Who better can describe the sounds and smells of the bazaar in Kolkata than the person who has heard and smelled it for themselves?  Our extensive involvement in every project and event is what inspires our authenticity.

Getting to know the client is the key to any new endeavor.  It is not strictly the knowledge and resources we have at our fingertips that create successful promotions; it is our genuine interest in every person who walks through our door and who they want to reach and why.  When those people are local, we get to know our lovely city even better!  When they are not, we are provided yet another opportunity to create a new adventure.

Give us the opportunity to get to know you and we will tell your story for you!  All we need is a little information – let the bragging about you begin!


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