Relaxing in Reno

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While doing a site inspection a couple months ago, I decided to take a long weekend to relax and do a little exploring. It’s always good to get to know a city when planning an event in case clients want to head out on their own and need some suggestions. But how do you relax in Reno?

When people think of Reno, Nevada, they often think of casinos. After all, talk of Nevada is almost certain to lead one into a conversation about Las Vegas, and Reno tends to be thought of as its smaller cousin. However not much is thought of regarding the history of this small town.









Reno was settled in the 1850s, when pioneers arrived in the Truckee Meadows. The Truckee River, which makes its way down from Lake Tahoe, is still running strong today and is a vibrant part of the community. One of the first bridges built across the river was done so by Myron C. Lake, who continued to develop the community. With the addition of a mill, restaurant, hotel, and stable, the spot was renamed Lake’s Crossing and it became the heart of the town.









As the mining boom waned and the railroad came in, the city continued to spread. While the downtown area does hold a number of businesses, I feel the cultural heart of the city still centers around the river. There are a number of restaurants and bars that wind their way down the river and any number of places to stop in on a warm day. Meanwhile, people fish and kayak along the river, play Frisbee, or just relax in the shade.   The temperature is quite mild. One might tend to think of deserts when thinking of Nevada, but remember that Reno is just a short distance from Lake Tahoe and holds the main airport for access to that winter wonderland.

So when in Reno for business, whether in a small hotel or a roaring casino, make sure to get out for a bit to enjoy the outdoors and explore a bit of history about the town. You may be surprised at what you learn.

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